Thursday, June 23, 2011

All About the Fuschia Flusher for Africa

Welcome to the blog for the Flight of The Fuschia Flusher! We are Tiff, Jen, and Tracie, and we are headed to Kenya for a mission trip in August. In our quest to find fun ways to raise money, we came across this idea and loved it. What is more fun than a fuschia toilet in your yard for a good cause?

Here's how it works: if you find that you have been "flushed" and are the lucky recipient of the Fuchsia Flusher, you have a few choices. You can pay $10 to have the toilet removed, $15 gets the toilet removed AND re-homed in a friend or neighbor's yard, and $20 adds insurance to make sure that the Fuschia Flusher does not return to your yard.

This is all in good fun and intended to be a friendly way to raise money, so if a recipient does not want to play along, we will remove the toilet for free.

Because of the high price of gas, we are offering Fuschia Flusher delivery in the Lynden/Everson area, but if you really want to flush someone elsewhere in Whatcom county, we can do so for an additional donation to cover the added expense.

Pictures of the Fuschia Flusher will be available soon, be sure to 'follow' this blog to track the Flight of The Fuschia Flusher!

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