Thursday, July 21, 2011

Catching Up

OK, I know I'm a little behind on the updates! We are leaving for Kenya in 10 days, and we are in full-on prep mode. So here's what's been going on on the Flushing Front:

We went to this lovely home next. It's kind of funny that this is just down the street from the family with the joyful little girl, the Fuschia Flusher is sure making it's rounds!

Next, we crossed town and headed to this great place. Google maps failed me on this one, I turned around in their driveway several times till someone took pity on me and came out to help. According to my directions, I was supposed to go through a few cow fields to get to the house, but it was actually right by the road. I was very thankful for the help, but it's always strange to say, "Some anonymous person sent you a toilet, so here it is!"
Next the Fuschia Flusher headed to Sunrise Baptist church, where we had out first indoor flush!

I think it adds to the decor, don't you? ;)

And today, it made a visit to another pastor and is currently sitting at this lovely home!

So far, we have raised $300 for the trip to Africa, thank you all for the support! Be sure and e-mail me ( if you have a home you would like to Flush!

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