Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Flush Number Two Brings Joy!

Flush number two happened tonight. I probably shouldn't be saying "number two" so many times regarding a toilet, but I just can't help myself. :)

This flush was in retaliation for another prank over the weekend, I love that the Fuschia Flusher is getting involved!
The Flushee tonight is a good friend of mine, so it was a joy to deposit the Fuschia Flusher in her yard, then go home and wait for the phone call telling me she was home and had realized that she had been Flushed! Sure enough, the phone rang this evening and I could hear my friend's two year old daughter crying in the background. "My new potty! My new potty! I want my new potty inside!!"

Good to know the Fuschia Flusher is so loved!!

Here are some pics of this sweet girl and her "new potty!"

I love how her dress matches so well!"Thank you, Jesus, for this new potty!"
I only hope she is not around when I have to load her "new potty" up and deliver it to the next house!

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